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Nov 16, 2015 | The Canadian Professional Sales Association lock

You can teach salespeople many things, but whether or not your potential hire is going to blend well with your existing team and adopt the ethics you have established with ease is always a concern.

Here are four must have traits look for in all potential hires, so you can identify the sales duds! 

1. Work Ethic
Work ethic means working hard and working smart. Those with a strong work ethic will accelerate their own development and operate in a continuous state of improvement, always looking for a way to excel. During the hiring process, identify examples of where the candidate works particularly hard to reach the next level. Let them take you through the full process of how they got to the end result. 

There are many important things you can learn from asking this question. Did the candidate have a disciplined process in achieving their goal? What did they learn from this experience? Did it exemplify their work ethic and are they continually looking to improve?

2. Competitiveness
Regardless of the role you are hiring for, all salespeople need to not only be driven to achieve and exceed their individual goals, but they must also have the desire to be part of the bigger picture. They have to be competitive in nature.

The way that each of your candidates prepare for your interview speaks highly of their level of competitiveness. Did they research the role? Did they research your organization? The investigation they did on their own reveals whether or not they are self-starters and know how to go above and beyond basic expectations.

3. Can They Be Coached?
Eagerness to learn parallels an eagerness to grow. If employees have no desire to grow, it is going to be challenging to motivate them to reach the next level.  While some salespeople can be coached to greatness, if they don’t already have a commitment to growth, you are in trouble. This is critical to identify during the hiring process.

4. Desire for a Career in Sales
Lack of interest in sales will eventually sink those in the field for the wrong reasons. Therefore, it is important that sellers are committed to succeeding and growing in their role. Asking about their short and long term plans is a great place to start. Ask candidates what their 1, 5 and 10 year career goals are. If your job offers them an opportunity to step closer towards their personal career goals, they will be more effective on your team and for your organization overall.  

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