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Apr 30, 2019 | Prima Ressource

technologie vente - Prima Ressource

In 2019, we are all connected, even connected! We spend a very large part of our day with a mobile device in the hand or on a computer, and the boundary between the private and the professional sphere tends to blur. Technology is present in our every move, for the better and sometimes for the worse. Let's focus on the best today!

Businesses are making digital transformation to improve their operations and, for some, offer new services. The transformation must also take place at the sales level, and I am not talking about online sales, but rather the digitalization of the sales force. Today, sales efficiency requires the proper use of technologies to:

1. Identify and connect with new potential customers

2. Accompany the sales process

3. Manage sales performance

4. Coach and develop members of the sales force

Before diving deeper into each of the areas where you can use technology as a lever, it's important to take a step back.


It's not just by implementing digital technologies that sales performance will jump. Leaders and Sales Managers have several key tasks to do:

- Rigorously select the tools to implement according to the objectives
- Understand how technology works and how to appropriate it
- Ensure a good level of training and user support
- Validate adoption of technology by all team members
- Make use of the application mandatory in the role of sales force members

See the evolution of the technology landscape for marketing and sales between 2012 and 2018 by comparing the 2 following images:
Marketing Technology Landscape_2012 - Prima RessourceVersion 2012

Marketing Technology Landscape_2018 - Prima Ressource

Version 2018

Impressive! The 2018 version is unreadable because of the amount of solutions now available on the market compared to 2012.

In everyday life, here are the 4 areas of sales or digital applications will help your sales force:

1. Identify and connect with new potential customers
Social networks are among the most powerful technologies to target and connect with prospects. For BtoB companies, LinkedIn is the network that offers the most opportunities, especially since the platform offers tools such as the Sales Navigator that allows to make more use of LinkedIn.

As it is a social network, LinkedIn is easy to use and several actions can be automated through complementary platforms.

Make the development of your network a daily activity and you will see how much technology will help you.

2. Accompany the sales process
While sales seem more and more complex, it's important to be well-equipped to execute the sales process efficiently and consistently. To facilitate sales, representatives can now rely on applications like Membrain, which move traditional CRMs to simple directories.

When the sales process is formalized in the CRM, the salespeople are guided in the execution and can centralize all of their actions simply in the system. The most advanced applications can automatically suggest steps to increase the probability of winning sales.

These capabilities make it possible to collect as much data as possible and then analyze the performance.

3. Manage sales performance
The more salespeople can centralize sales information in the same system, the more accurate information it can provide. This information ranges from the causes of sales success or failure, conversion and completion ratios, bottlenecks in the sales process, and pipeline value.

Data generated by a tool such as Membrain is an invaluable resource for making accurate sales forecasts, correcting sales problems before they become critical, or measuring the performance of representatives and teams.

4. Coach and develop members of the sales force
Since the main tool to help salespeople improve their sales performance is CRM, it is important to be able to incorporate learning resources to provide training and information in a timely manner. This is an essential aspect to consider when choosing a CRM. Your platform should allow you to provide contextual resources to help representatives quickly.

In addition to the opportunities offered by technology to help representatives during the sales process, platforms such as Membrain also allow sales managers to identify opportunities to coach their salespeople.

Whatever the applications you use for sales, it is necessary to put everything in place to promote a good adoption of all users. On the other hand, the tools must be used on a daily basis in order to reach an optimal level of efficiency. Applications remain tools that need human intervention to do their jobs and help users.

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