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Feb 7, 2018 | Canadian Professional Sales Association lock

With countless new sales tools and technologies, selling is becoming very scientific. However, building relationships will always be a critical part of sales, and that is truly an art. While each person has their own methods and personality, and these should be embraced, there are some tried and true techniques that will help you build a rapport with your prospects. Try these methods, build your skills, and you’ll soon master the art of relationship-building.

Ask Questions Before You Start Selling

There is nothing prospects dislike more than an irrelevant sales pitch. In order to build a rapport and overcome your prospects’ initial skepticism, begin by asking questions. Your questions should relate to the product or service you are selling, but also aim to put your prospect at ease and make them more comfortable.

Get to Know Your Prospects Personally

Personal relationships are stronger than professional ones, and so you will have a stronger connection with your prospects if you can build something resembling a friendship. Over the course of your calls and meetings with prospects, find out more about their interests, skills, and hobbies. If you are both fans of the same sport or team, for instance, you can use this mutual interest to build rapport and trust. Your prospect will be much happier to hear your sales opportunity if they feel a sense of comradery.

Really Listen to What They Tell You

There are a lot of negative stereotypes about sales people, and one of them is that sales people talk and talk but never listen. Don’t be a statistic – listen to your prospects. Asking your prospects questions and getting to know them will not be effective methods of building rapport if you don’t truly listen to them. Make notes after your meetings or calls so that you remember the things you learned, and review the information before you speak to this prospect again. This way, your listening will pay off long into the sales cycle.

Have Face to Face Meetings

Even though we have access to countless ways to communicate, there is still something about a face-to-face meeting that other communication methods really can’t replicate. Instead of emailing or calling your prospects, book an in-person meeting. The relationship building you are able to do in a face-to-face meeting will establish a strong rapport with your prospects, and help you close the sale.

If you’re sales relationships are lacking that extra level of trust and loyalty, it’s likely because you need to build a stronger rapport with prospects. Use these tips to form that relationship and watch your sales numbers grow.

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