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Looking to find the top Canadian groups on LinkedIn which can help to grow your contacts and take your prospecting to the next level? You have come to the right place.

In no particular order, here are 19 top Canada-based LinkedIn business groups we think you should take a look at and consider joining.

  1. Canadian Small-Medium Business Networking Group is a group which shares ideas, and connects Canadian companies and individuals for business growth.
  2. Go Small Business Canada is geared at professionals who are SMB-focused and understand the power and value of networking to grow their business.
  3. Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA) is included on this list because we strongly believe that our LinkedIn page offers oodles of helpful information for sales pros and business leaders.
  4. Canadian Business Strategy Association is a not-for-profit professional association which is dedicated to uniting Canadian business strategists to facilitate the advancement of the business strategy profession.
  5. Marketing Canada is an online networking community for Canadian professionals in marketing, PR, advertising, and communications.
  6. Social Media Marketing Canada invites you to learn more and discuss how social media is affecting the world of marketing in Canada.
  7. Cost Per Action (CPA) Advertising / Affiliate Marketing in Canada group facilitates discussions about Cost Per Action (CPA) Advertising (paying and getting paid for online ads only when a desirable action, such as a lead or a sale, occurs).
  8. eCommerce Canada is a LinkedIn group for entrepreneurs and professionals in Canadian e-commerce looking to improve performance.
  9. eCommerce Professionals Canada encourages their LinkedIn group members to break the status quo, bounce ideas, demonstrate your opinions, cause intrigue, and utilize like-minded professionals to excel.
  10. Startup Canada is a grassroots, entrepreneur-led, national non-profit organization with a mission to enhance Canada’s competitiveness and prosperity by advancing Canadian entrepreneurship.
  11. MaRS Discovery District is a home for discussions on companies and concepts related to entrepreneurship and emerging technology.
  12. Advertising in Canada is all about the advertising market in Canada: jobs, discussion, leads, offer of services to advertisers and more.
  13. Canadian Marketing Association is an active LinkedIn group championing marketing as a key to business success.
  14. Canadian Business Women in International Trade encourages both men and women to join for mentorship, network diversification, or to exchange methods of doing business abroad.
  15. Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE) BC strives to mentor and educate women entrepreneurs and connect with the business community to help facilitate the growth of member businesses.
  16. eWomenNetwork Canada is an awesome group of women entrepreneurs and business professionals.
  17. RAC Canada (Retail Advertising and Marketing Canada) provides the retail industry with a forum to exchange ideas on the topics impacting marketing and advertising in the retail sector.
  18. eTail Canada welcomes you to network with eCommerce and Marketing executives from Canadian retailers, who are facing the same challenges as you.
  19. Canadian Retailers and Vendors offers networking and career opportunities, as well as discussion about emerging trends and ideas.

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