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Martin Buckland lock

Trepidation, uncertainty, doubt, rejection, and bewilderment are all understandable feelings with job searchers over 50.

But fear not, with resources becoming increasingly scarce and employers seeking experience, these feelings should be turned into excited, inspired, driven, confident, and the list goes on. A positive spin can be made from your age, attributes and experience.

The older you are the more effort you have to spend on your job search. A positive for you is that your network should be substantial including former colleagues, relatives, friends, etc. Have you built and maintained a good network?

By 2012, 20 per cent of the workforce will be older than 55, an amazing statistic from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The I’m finished attitude with people is vanishing and disappearing fast in reality, too.

Recruiters are increasing head hunting of older candidates as the younger qualified talent is scarce. Many companies today want experience, employees who have survived storms, including stock market plunges, company scandals mergers and acquisitions and who have devised and executed strategies to counterbalance the down turns with the up swings.

In summary, if you are over 50, buckle up for a rocky, but a productive ride along the job search trail!

About the Author:

Martin Buckland is a Professional Career Management Expert with offices in the and . President of Elite Resumes, he is certified in resume writing, executive & career coaching, job search strategies, personal branding and interview coaching. He has extensive knowledge of the best strategies to secure a job most effectively and is well networked with recruiters and human resource professionals across .

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