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Feb 3, 2010 | Martin Buckland lock


There is still plenty to do after the interview. If you are to be proactive with your search, continue. Don’t rest on your laurels. There’s too much at stake, and too many variables. It’s time to perform some critical follow-up activities that can keep your name in the interviewer’s mind and the recruiting momentum going to a successful conclusion.

Thank you Note

This is extremely important. Many people spend a lot of time on the preparation and forget about after the interview. Always after the conclusion of the interview, a handwritten thank you note should be sent to each person on the interview panel. This assumes you asked for each person’s business card! In the content of the letter reiterate what a perfect fit you are for this position, and that you are eager to be recruited. Do not send the same note to each person. Customize accordingly, maybe recalling a particular element in the interview that evolved from their question.

Did You Promise Additional Information

During the interview you may offered or been asked to prepare a business or marketing plan. Were you asked to send any certificates or other information? If so, don’t waste time. Provide the materials to enhance your opportunity.

Follow-up Telephone Calls

I’m always asked the question of when is the best time to follow-up? There is no perfect time. Some prefer just a few days, others a week or two. At the end of the interview, pose a question to the lead interviewer on when the most appropriate time would be. They also might lead and be specific that they will be making their decision by the end of the week or month. Patience is a virtue. Always follow-up if you have no guidance on a time frame.


Don’t assume anything and continue your job search as usual. Taking a week out of your search time because you think you have secured a new position can be a painful experience. Keep up your networking until the offer is signed. Keep on following through on all your leads.

About the Author:

Martin Buckland is a Professional Career Management Expert with offices in the U.S. and Canada. President of Elite Résumés, he is certified in résumé writing, executive & career coaching, job search strategies, personal branding and interview coaching. He has extensive knowledge of the best strategies to secure a job most effectively and is well networked with recruiters and human resource professionals across North America.

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