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Sales Leadership
Aug 11, 2015 | Canadian Professional Sales Association lock

Managing a top performing sales team, regardless of the industry, is a feat not many can tackle. Often compared to rejigging a puzzle, management of this caliber requires a unique skill and keen eye. From coaching the untrainable, to mentoring the strong, sales management is all about finding the right balance of skills, so your team can function like a well-oiled machine. 

Are you fit to manage a top performing sales team? Here are the top 5 traits of successful sales leaders.

Hindrances on the road to success are inevitable; however it is the way that sales managers face these difficulties that can make or break their goals. The most successful sales leaders are persistent frontrunners who look for unique solutions to conquer issues in their way.

Top sales leaders draw the best from their team by supporting both their successes and failures. While encouragement is not a tangible reward, words of reassurance and praise can make the world of difference when maintaining the morale on the sales floor. 

Success in sales is a team effort. While it is easy for sales managers to blame their teams for not meeting quota, the best leaders look to their efforts as a manager first. Are you coaching your team efficiently? Is your team receiving enough training? Are their goals set too high? Top sales managers never blame their sales team; they take accountability as the leader.

If you bring negativity to the sales floor, your team will follow suit. Top sales leaders are positive, even during difficult times and work hard to spread their positivity. If you are faced with negative situations or difficult conflicts, choose to focus on the positive outcomes, so that you and your sales team can flourish.

No other trait determines success more than the passion exuded by a sales manager. If you do not have a passion for your position, there is little hope for your team to achieve greatness. Deliver passion to your team and you shall receive.

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