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There’s just not enough hours in the day, right? For sales professionals, working long hours is just part of life if you want to make quota. But there are certainly ways you can work smarter and reach your targets. Here are our favourite time saving hacks.

Time Saving Hack #1 - Make AI Your Friend For Qualifying Leads

Sales professionals spend far too much time on leads that just aren’t going anywhere. The best sales reps know when it’s time to let a lead go... but they’ve still invested time to get to that point. What if there was a way to have truly qualified leads without all that time investment? Enter Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI tools are using big data and automation to transform the sales market place. Take Conversica for example. This AI software automates emails to your leads and has “real” conversations with them to qualify them for sales. So by the time you follow-up, you know they are already interested.

Time Saving Hack #2 - Schedule Your Day Around Your Customers

Getting organised is certainly a great way to save time and bundling similar tasks together is a proven trick that will help you stay in the zone and be more efficient. But make sure your schedule timing works for your customers. If you make 10 calls before 10am and every single one goes to voicemail - that’s not a particularly effective use of time is it? Instead of making calls or sending emails based upon when it’s most convenient for you, tailor your schedule according to when your target customers will be actually ready to receive them. Look to your CRM to provide you with insights - the data might surprise you. For example, data shows that emails sent in the evening have great open and response rates, with many people checking their email on their mobile devices late at night before they go to sleep.

Time Saving Hack #3 - Let AI Do the Research For You

All good sales professionals know that before you reach out to a customer or prospect you need to do your research. And unfortunately, that research takes time. Again, AI is proving solutions. Nudge is an AI tool that works right out of your inbox. As you start to email, it uses big data from across the web to finds news and social updates at both the individual and account level and then gives you actionable insights about how to use this information. These real-time relationship insights mean you’ll never miss the chance to mention a client’s latest business venture or pain-point that could lead to a sale.

Time Saving Hack #4 - Repurpose Content

We all know that personalisation is vital when reaching out to customers but that doesn’t mean you need to reinvent the wheel every time you craft an email, create a presentation or post to social media. An existing newsletter can be customised and then posted to your LinkedIn page; a great presentation you made for one client can be quickly repurposed for another taking their needs into account. Content Management Tools like Box and Bigtincan that store your content in the cloud - from presentations to contracts to blog posts - will driving efficiency since you’ll be able to access them from anywhere at anytime. KnowledgeTree has the AI powered feature that it will “push” you the right sales enablement content via email, CRM and portals at the time when you need it so you don’t even to spend time doing a search.

You have limited time in the day so obviously you need to optimize it. Take advantage of some of the hacks and tools and save yourself a whole lot of time you can now spend on selling.

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