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For a small business, hiring top sales talent is a must if you want to grow your revenue and market share. Attracting the best salespeople often comes with a hefty price tag but many small businesses simply can’t afford that kind of huge expense. Fortunately, there are ways to attract top sales talent on a limited budget. Here’s how you can recruit the right sales team without unlimited funds.

Look at Skill Set over Experience

The truth is, the more experienced a rep is, the more cold hard cash they will expect. While a selling star with a great deal of experience can be indispensable, you’ll find rather more value when you hire a diamond in the rough. Look for candidates who are just getting into the business but have the innate characteristics of a future selling star and display a great aptitude for a career in sales. By offering these candidates the training and mentorship they need to grow their skills, you’ll find that together you can grow your business at the same time.

Build a Great Employer Brand Through Social Media

By investing in some clever and well-executed advertising on social media, you can build a following and great brand for a small price tag. Wit and humour go a long way in creating a buzz around your product/service and can position your company as a hot, new prospect that is going places.  A small investment in a cute explainer video is great for telling your company’s story as well as your product’s. Appeal to hungry sales talent in Gen Y and Z by depicting your business as a fun, creative and inspiring place to work. Don’t forget to be clear about how you value your staff and offer a clear plan for growth and development.

Recruit Through LinkedIn

Spare yourself the expense of a pricey recruiter or recruitment software by headhunting great passive candidates through LinkedIn. Do your research. When reviewing prospective candidates, look at their interests and passions to consider what you might be able to offer them to sweeten the deal beyond cash. Flexible working hours? A great benefits package? More vacation time to pursue their travel dreams?  You’d be surprised about the number of great candidates who aren’t actively looking but whose heads can be turned with the right offer. The money you save on recruitment costs can be poured back into their offer package.

Top sales talent from Gen Z and Y are interested in working for a company that has a great culture and that takes a personalized approach to recruitment. If you can demonstrate why your company is different, and why your culture and product/service are the perfect fit for the rep to unleash their passion, you’ll be in with a great chance of attracting top sales talent on a limited budget.

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