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Nov 23, 2013 | The Canadian Professional Sales Association lock

The start-up phase is a magical time. There is a wide open opportunity to build your business exactly the way you want. However, it can also be daunting to start with the proverbial blank sheet of paper.

Selling is the most urgent priority for companies in the start-up stage. Therefore, it is important to stay focused and get your team aligned for revenue generation. Luckily, there are more than a few resources to help any start-up succeed with a powerful sales approach.

Here are some resources that can help:

Selling Power is a magazine that provides ongoing strategies for all things sales-related. Use this for advice and to keep up to date with trending techniques.

Just Sell is an online sales resource that provides articles, advice and quotes for daily inspiration, as well as tools to help modern professionals be more effective sellers.

Sales Tip A Day is a great site to refresh your ideas and provide tools for implementing new tactics and strategies.

Jeffery Gitomer is a New York Times bestselling author and recognized authority on the profession and practice of selling. Subscribe to his Sales Caffeine e-zine for continual motivation and suggestions for your sales approach and building relationships.

CRM Magazine will keep you in tune with managing processes and IT best practices in your CRM approach as well as reports on broader industry applications of CRM software.

Yesware is easy to use and adopted by salespeople for its simplicity as an effective follow-up tool. Their blog provides insights on how to follow up throughout a sale, which is a substantial portion of any salesperson’s job.

Keith Ferrazzi is the best-selling author of Never Eat Alone and is an authority on building relationships and networking. These are skills sales people must continually strengthen in their approach to growing their influence and turning strangers into friends.

David Allen is the productivity guru with his best-selling book, Getting Things Done. Working efficiently and managing your time well will help you conquer your priorities and keep your sales processes flowing. is a great tool for ongoing sales recruitment. Use this to keep your eyes open for sales talent that could fit your team and drive revenue. It is a highly filtered system compared to the more mainstream jobs boards and will help you get higher quality sales candidates.

Smart Selling Tools is a resource for identifying technologies and software that can improve sales results. Visit often to access how the different tools and be incorporated into your own organization for productivity and collaboration enhancements.

You know your world better than anyone. Allowing yourself to be influenced by the powerful tools, advice and resources that the experts out there are sharing can provide a strategic boost to your sales. For start-ups especially, these resources can be implemented quickly with high impact on your bottom line. 

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