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Are you a sales-focused professional looking to network with peers and grow your contacts? Meetups can be a great way to connect with pros with similar interests and discover new opportunities. Use of platforms like continues to rise in Canada. The event site has attracted over two million visits from within Canada in the last six months alone, up nearly 6% on the previous six month period.

So what are the top meetup groups for those in sales-related roles in Canada? Here’s our list of some of the biggest and/or most active groups for Sales pros in major Canadian cities.


Hustle: Communicate with Confidence

Hustle is a community of over 1,500 like-minded professionals who come together to have a fun, inclusive environment to practice the communication and people skills to develop rewarding careers and opportunities for advancement.

This group is meant for anyone looking to improve communication skills and meet with others who are looking to start a new business. The group’s focus is to help members grow skills through a mix of sales and confidence coaching.


With over 1,400 members, SalesTO meetup is a great way for sales professionals in the technology industry to improve sales capabilities and gain valuable insights into best practices and strategies. Event formats usually involve candid panel discussions and networking. 

SalesTO meetups are geared at Toronto technologists and sales-related pros to learn how to improve their selling and connect with other industry professionals. Panel discussions consist of a diverse selection of leading salespeople from Toronto technology companies of all sizes.

Toronto Marketing & Networking Club

With over 1,100 members, the Toronto Marketing and Networking Club Meetup Group brings together brands, agencies, entrepreneurs, marketing, sales and other pros within the GTA.

The purpose of the club is to provide a regular platform to network, share ideas and hear from guest speakers on topics connected with sales, marketing, business development and talent. In addition to hosting networking and learning meetups, the group also actively supports events and causes from CPSA, CAMP, DMAC and other groups in the GTA.


Montreal Sales Meetup

This meetup is an opportunity for (tech) sales/sales ops to meet and discuss how they approach sales. Issues considered include: How do you automate lead generation/lead nurturing? How do you find the right person at large companies? How do you qualify a lead? How do you get a deal unstuck?

Although not as large as some of the other Canadian sales-focused meetup groups mentioned in this list (just over 300 members so far), the group is very active and is leading the way in gathering sales-focused pros in the Montreal area.


The Vancouver Sales Performance Meetup

With over 1,200 members, The Vancouver Sales Performance meetup group provides a place for entrepreneurs, sales managers, leaders and sales pros to connect and share best practices. The format often includes a guest speaker.

Hosted by Shane Gibson and Stephen Jagger, the active group is a great way for locals of southern BC to network and discuss sales strategies.

Vancouver Business Events: Startups, Sales, Marketing, Growth

The group is dedicated to building business relationships in a professional setting at some of the city's best venues. It is also a big supporter of promoting other valuable events for sales, leadership and startup enthusiasts.

Members get together to grow, develop and mature our business ventures by participating in different business events happening in the Greater Vancouver area, meeting like-minded people and expanding their networking. The group is at 1100 members and growing.


Calgary Marketing and Sales Innovation - Sunwapta

With over 400 members, this group welcomes business owners, entrepreneurs and sales-focused pros who are serious about taking their business to the next level.

Activities include: Mastermind Groups, Professional Networking, Practical advice, Guest Speakers and Facilitated workshops and seminars.


Edmonton Business Network

Each month this meetup group host free business networking events for local business owners, entrepreneurs and business professionals.

With 2,800 members this very large group also promotes seminars and training sessions where attendees learn new tactics, tools and techniques. Topics considered at events include: online marketing, personal development, branding, SEO, web design social media, sales, networking, raising capital, and crowd sourcing.

This list was based on identifying the largest and/or most active groups which cater to salespeople. Member counts and meetup descriptions were correct as of June 2017.

Think we’ve missed some top sales-related meetup groups in Canada? Get in touch!

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