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The impact of technology on modern sales is so significant that it touches every part of the sales funnel. The sales presentation is no exception.

Do you host online demos? Do you present in person? The sales pitch is a pivotal stage in the sales cycle. Here are ten awesome online tools which can help you engage and impress customers and colleagues in 2019!

Zoho Show

This handy software facilitates the creation, editing and publishing of slides while you collaborate with teams in real time. Great for adding to a plan or proposal while in the meeting.


Visme is a content creation tool to help salespeople present their services with the technology to translate data into engaging Visuals. It can be used by individuals or as a project management tool. Users can publish online, embed to their pages and download.


Presentia offers easy ways to create high-quality sales presentations. With lots of features to help grab the attention of your audience, the tool lets you communicate your message in a more interactive and meaningful way.

Google Slides

A staple for many organizations and sales teams, Google's easy-to-use presentation software helps you create, edit, customize, and collaborate on presentations through mobile, tablets and laptops.


Showpad describes itself as 'an online sales presentation platform to create amazing buyer experiences'. The technology helps sales professionals to create and repurpose content for unique conversations, and make you easy to deliver it in a well-designed, visual sales presentation template to build a perfect experience. Link tracking is built in so customer engagement can be measured.


This technology for sales enablement has lots of great features including lead capture, agent assignment mechanisms, screen sharing.


Mikogo is an online platform for meetings and training. A great option for sales presentations and real-time sharing.


Intuilab allows non-technical people to design attractive sales presentations which look good across devices. Users can use their own data, layouts, assets and content to build video sales presentations.


Glisser's audience engagement software shows presentation slides to delegates' devices in real-time. It also provides features for uses audience interaction, Q&A, polling, social feeds and private note-taking and provides useful event analytics.


If you don't know PowerPoint, you're probably from Mars. The leading presentation software has lots of different design themes and tends to be bundled with Microsoft Office.

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