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We all know that sales presentations are important. They’re what many buyers use to decide between you and your competitors. To make an impact you not only have to explain why your product is the best solution to their business pain, you need to do it in an impressive way that surprises them and grabs their attention. Here’s our top tips to build your most impactful sales presentation.

Tailor Your Presentation to Your Prospect

This is the number one rule and it’s unfortunately all too often forgotten. No matter the time constraints or competing priorities, you should never use a generic presentation. Sure, you can start from a template, but each time you give that presentation, it should be tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the customer in front of you. Make sure for each point you make, you bring it back to their particular pain point and always reference the organisational specific stories, stats or issues they have mentioned to you. Think carefully about your customer’s communication preferences and personality style. Tailor your pitch to them, if your customer is someone who is drawn in by anecdotes and storytelling, don’t bore them with tons of statistics and reports. Conversely, if they are data driven, be sure you have the facts and data to back up whatever you are saying.

Avoid Boring PowerPoints with Too Much Text

 This is presenting 101, but be sure you’re never just simply reading off the slide on the screen.  PowerPoint and other presentation software are great if you use them correctly but if you overload each slide with info, it’s likely the presentation will be a boring turn off. Remember that each slide should contain a succinct idea - perhaps a fact, image, diagram, chart or fun animation accompanied by your logo - but it’s up to you, the presenter to bring this to life. Be enthusiastic and passionate about everything you are saying and modulate your voice to infuse it with energy. Smile and be engaging but don’t go overboard with hand gestures. Take your time and speak with calm, easy confidence.

Stay Succinct

 “I really loved that presentation with 100 slides and long transitions,” said no one ever. If you want to engage the client or prospect, stick to key points and keep focused on how your product will benefit them rather than listing endless features. Be prepared to judge the room: Don’t be afraid to jump one section and go into more detail in another if that seems appealing to your audience. Ideally, you want to spend less time talking at them and more time interacting, so leave lots of time to answer questions and be prepared to give great answers.

Get Creative To Bring Your Product or Service to Life

The point of your presentation is to make your customer believe that your product is the best solution in front of them. You need to be able to bring it to life. If there’s a way that you can use the product in the presentation or have them experience it in the room - do that. If not, use technology to show them the presentation in action; for example, incorporate a short explainer video into the presentation. But always remember, personalisation is key. One client might respond really well to flashy showmanship. Another might be put off if you start pulling out bells and whistles. So always do your research and know your audience.

At the end of the day, the most important tip to building an impactful sales presentation is to truly believe in your product and the solution it provides. If you believe in your product and convey this belief and passion effectively, that’s the best tool you need to creating a lasting impression and closing the deal.

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