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Nov 1, 2016 | Canadian Professional Sales Association lock
This week’s Toronto Region Board of Trade RBC Business Advice Series featured Audrey Jamieson, Founder and President of GTA-based marketing production company, Marketing Kitchen. Busy mom and member of 5 different fitness clubs, Audrey takes pride in leading a thriving business that’s successfully reached their 5-year goal in just 2 years. Attributing her success to “mastering the art of a little extra” and driving great business with great relationships, Audrey provided her own game-changing sales tips that have allowed her to get noticed and stand out.

Think like the Client
Having waitressed in the past, Audrey learned quickly that “if you hustle, add value, and know your product” you will in turn, make more money. This key understanding, has since translated into Audrey’s current strategy at Marketing Kitchen. Audrey’s first step to adding value involves assessing her customer needs to “think like the client” and to always have the answer to the commonly asked questions, “what’s in it for me?” When it comes to delivering her services, Audrey believes that it’s not only about meeting expectations, but surpassing them. To her, the key to being successful in sales means, “over-servicing, knowing your customers and building relationships.”

Nurture your Prospects
After successfully building a strong list of key prospects with the help of tools like LinkedIn, the National List of Advertisers and Google searches, Audrey recommends sending them a warm card with an image or saying that they can make them laugh, accompanied with a useful tool and a business card. This small gesture carries much power, as it sets her apart from other sales professionals and sets the tone for a “warmer” cold call. Practicing your elevator pitch and benefits statement is vital here, and consider all possible outcomes: Leaving a voicemail or even reaching them live! She advises to not only prospect when you need it, but to continue prospecting even when you don’t, as your increased level of confidence will inevitably show through.

Be Different- Stand Out!
How many times have you brought donuts to a client-meeting? This common gesture might seem like an act of kindness, but to Audrey, bringing a gift to your client can still be affordable and set you apart. She personally brings homemade banana bread to each client meeting, pre-sliced for sharing, and wrapped meticulously in specialty paper. She also makes it a point to reward referrals, “the lifeblood of so many businesses,” with mailed gift cards that she live stamps and hand-writes herself.

Be the Expert of your Product
“Don’t show up and throw up.” Audrey advises evaluating your client’s exact need, and showing them that you can be their ultimate solution. Avoid inundating your client with pages of information- instead, provide the answer to their problem in your benefit statement. Marketing Kitchen’s collateral for example is short but informative, outlining only the organization’s key differentiators and visually laying out their many unique selling propositions, “Less is more- Small enough to give you personalized service, but large enough to handle big projects.”

Have Fun!
Audrey is firm believer that “people are loyal to culture, not strategy.” At Marketing Kitchen, Audrey strives to make the workplace a fun and enjoyable place to be for everyone. Through small acts of kindness, like placing candy jars around the office and providing snacks on rainy days, she strives to ensure that all staff, from her shipper and receiver to her receptionist, feel appreciated. After having started Marketing Kitchen 2 years ago, Audrey continues to foster a warm and feel-good environment and has had barely any turn-over at the company. After all, who doesn’t like to have fun while making a difference? 

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