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Accredited Partner Insights
Frederic Lucas, Prima Ressource
Sales compensation is a topic that can create some real headaches for leaders trying to grow their business. Most plans are complex, not understandable by salespeople and don't reward the right behaviors - all while being out of alignment with company strategy!

If your sales team is dissatisfied about its compensation or lacks motivation, make sure you register now to join our webinar as we share what top notch organisations are doing to compensate their sales team. We will also discuss the different sales compensation models you can use based on the different roles inside the sales organisation.

We will also answer common questions about variable versus salary, capped vs uncapped, individual bonus versus team bonus.

During this 60-minutes intensive webinar, you will learn :
- How to avoid common mistakes in sales compensation design;
- What really motivates salespeople in a compensation plan;
- Best practices for compensation design;
- Tips to make your current compensation more effective;

About the Author:

Frederic Lucas is the founder of Prima Resource, a sales growth consulting company. Frederic has been in business for over 20 years as an executive and entrepreneur with extensive experience across multiple industries.

He is best known for his ability to tell business leaders what they need to hear rather than what they want to hear. He knows that it makes all the difference when it comes to successful leadership.

In 2007, Frederic founded Prima Resource after becoming frustrated with the lack of accountability in his own company’s sales team. Since then, he has helped more than 250 companies transform their sales by delivering results through sustainable growth, increased profitability and efficiency, and sales teams’ development.

Prima Resource provides sales growth expertise through its proprietary methodology which begins with diagnosing the root cause of under-performance and then designing strategic interventions that address these issues head-on. This proven approach is based on three key pillars: strategy-driven improvement; process optimization; and performance management. Create your own user feedback survey

About the author:

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