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CPSA Webinar Recordings
Asad Zaman, Shannon Millar Hopkins, Navin Persaud

Amidst the global pandemic, organizations have pivoted to a new way of buying and selling from each other where digital, remote selling has become the norm. In fact, 50% of buyers have said that working remotely makes the buying process easier, 70% of organizations plan to keep their workforces remote and 65% of decision makers are saying this new model is equally or more effective.

But, what does this mean for sales organizations?
Those that can leverage tech in an elite manner will have a competitive advantage in this environment. That said, this is an area that many companies struggle with. While 97% of organizations have CRMs, and 89% have data and intelligence tools in place, only 53% are confident in their CRM data and only 47% see a high ROI from their data and intelligence.

This is clearly an area of opportunity for sales organizations. Companies who have mastered it have better win rates, optimize sales cycles and deal sizes, have higher productivity per rep and, in turn, have lower turnover.

So, to better understand the best practices to leverage and turn data into actionable insights, watch the webinar below. 

Your Speaker:

Your Speakers: 

asadAsad Zaman
Sales Talent Agency

Asad is the CEO of Sales Talent Agency which is one of North America’s leading go-to-market focused recruitment agencies. Over the past 14 years, Sales Talent Agency has helped 1500+ companies hire elite go-to-market talent, from CROs to BDRs and everything in between, and along the way they have facilitated over $550M in salaries.

After being an entrepreneur through university, Asad joined Sales Talent Agency in 2014 as a recruiter and in 2016 founded their executive search division which has gone on to place the most revenue leaders in Canada in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. In 2018, Asad launched a new division specializing in an underserved and fast growing part of the sales community: technical sales and solution engineers. Since joining STA, Asad has worked closely with C-level executives at fast growth technology companies to help them develop and define their sales hiring practices and in Q4 2020 was appointed as Sales Talent Agency’s CEO. He was also chosen by the Toronto Board of Trade as Toronto’s Young Professional of the Year for 2019.

Image from iOSShannon Millar Hopkins
Regional Vice President, Sales 

Shannon is Regional Vice President of Sales at BetterUp.  She has 15 years of selling experience, majority of which has been in SaaS sales.  She's worked at both enterprise SaaS organizations such as Salesforce as well as startup environments, such as League and BetterUp.  Shannon has held various sales leadership positions over the last 8 years, managing teams from BDRs to Fortune 500 Enterprise teams.  Her educational background is in Biotechnology and she holds a BSc. from Brock University.  Shannon loves the art and science that sales requires and brings her analytical training coupled with her passion for people into her professional career.  Her teams have consistently commented on Shannon's ability to coach and guide them to their targets by combining data with a people-centric approach.  

Navin PersaudNavin Persaud
Head of Revenue Operations

As an operational leader with 20+ years of experience my first job was in channel sales.  I knew from that point forward, the best part of selling for me was working with the surrounding support teams and systems that informed, enabled and celebrated the big wins.  Over the years, I've enjoyed the experience of working with strong leaders who, with their knowledge, vision and high levels of expectation, have helped me find a true north star in my career journey.

I've worked at a few large companies and a few smaller ones but the one constant is that without the necessary visibility to data, prioritization of initiatives and a clear process, no sustained success is possible in the long run.  I enjoy the variety that working in Revenue Operations has to offer and am passionate about the role this function has in leading companies to sustained growth.

Regardless of whether you call it Sales Operations or Revenue Operations, the ability to partner with multiple departments, remove process and system friction and be able to lead a function that can help the business make informed decisions has been and continues to be my daily passion.

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