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As a sales professional, you are constantly on the go. In fact, only 30% of a sales rep’s day is actually dedicated to core selling activities.

From this webinar recording, learn about the top tools and resources that will help increase your productivity hit your quota more efficiently. In this webinar series, our host Jamie Jackson covers the key features of 10 top sales tools that have been proven to show better results.

About Your Host:

Jamie_JacksonNowadays, the typical sales training that is offered by organizations is can be minimal: “Here’s a bit of product information and a phone – now go sell.”

Jamie Jackson, leader of Toronto-based group, Rockstar Sales, seeks to bridge this gap and provide sales pros with solutions to increase efficiency in day-today sales activities. As group of full-time sales reps, Rockstar Sales’ mandate is to mentor and train fellow sales professionals, on what they wish they had been taught in the first place.  They deliver easily digestible insight on how to increase sales in an affordable, ongoing format.

Who is Jamie:

  • Sales rep for S&P Index company B2B
  • Achieved 433% of quota in 2015 and 646% to date
  • 15+ years of sales experience

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