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Today, sales technology plays a critical role in closing deals. In fact, LinkedIn’s the State of Sales Report found 97% of sales professionals report that sales technology is either important or very important to closing deals. Finding the right tech for your sales team and sales strategy is important. Here’s a look at what’s hot in sales technology and how you can implement new tech to achieve your sales plan’s goals.

Automating Manual Processes For Success

Manual data entry and wasting a sales rep’s valuable time on repetitive tasks is so 2017. One of the most popular uses of Sales Technology right now is using it to lighten your team’s administrative load. Sales tech tools like Datahug and function like virtual personal assistants, automating necessary but time-consuming manual tasks like logging data into your CRM. But that’s not all, they use AI-powered analytics to give actionable insights from the data entered to help your reps function at peak productivity.

AI Generated Leads

Prospecting is integral to making sales, but boy is it time-consuming. Thanks to the latest sales technology however, your sales team can get a huge head start in lead generation and prospecting. AI-powered lead generation tools are definitely a hot trend in sales technology right now with a huge variety to choose from. A few hot prospects: Cognism, DataFox, DealSignal, Growlabs, Velocify Pulse, ZenProspect.

Hot Analytics

Big data is BIG right now! Is your sales team wasting precious time and effort on leads that go nowhere? Is your sales funnel plugged up because salespeople don’t have time to follow up on leads? Is the amount of research needed to make meaningful connections with a prospect falling by the wayside? Using intelligence-driven analysis to do in minutes what would previously take days is a huge trend in sales technology right now. Tools such as 6sense, Aviso, InsightSquared, and Clari (to name but a few) use data science to analyse data from both within your CRM and the internet at large to give your team insights on lead prioritization and readiness to buy; tips on appropriate techniques and strategy to personalise customer interactions; and accurate forecasting on customer behaviour so your reps can dramatically shorten the sales cycle.

Optimizing Performance Management

Its a primary function of a sales manager to get the best performance out of your sales team. But it’s not the only thing you’ve got on your plate. Let smart sales technology take on some of your performance management workload so you can spend more time on strategy and coaching. Ramp up individual and team performance with data-driven tools from Ambition, LevelEleven, Qstream and ThinkSmartOne that analyze performance, automate rewards and guide both reps and managers across the sales cycle to achieve results.

Your sales team work hard, don’t make their life harder! Get them the right training, tools and sales technology so that your team can succeed and your business can thrive.

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