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Sales Strategy
Canadian Professional Sales Association

CPSA offers sales training courses to both new salespeople and seasoned pros with years of experience in the field. What’s so special about the courses offered by CPSA? Well, 95% of those who’ve undertaken our training have seen increases in sales as a result.

CPSA courses are developed in conjunction with Human Resources Skills Development Canada and build on extensive research into what separates the best salespeople from the pack. Courses are accessible in a number of ways; in-class, online, or on-site. Your sales team can register one of the upcoming courses in our calendar or you can request a consultation for your own private, tailored, on-site program.

Read on to learn what’s so special about the different sales training courses offered by CPSA.

Essential Selling Courses

Fundamentals of Selling

Our most popular course, CPSA’s Fundamentals of Selling is our first fully aligned course to meet the requirements for Certified Sales Associate designation. This course takes participants through everything they need to experience sales success; from the basics of consultative selling to creating and managing a sales funnel to developing a personal brand and strategic territory and account plans. The course will also help sales pros navigate negotiations and improve their communication and presentation style.

Professional Selling Online

The second of our essential selling courses, Professional Selling Online is an online only for pros that want to further penetrate key accounts and develop long-lasting client partnerships. Participants learn how to tailor their communication style to suit different personality types and manage time and workload for maximum selling efficiency. The program covers everything a sales pro needs to learn to close more deals including how to develop stronger relationships with potential clients and transforming into a consultative advisor who focuses on problem-solving and delivering value to clients.

Advanced Selling Courses

Strategic Account Management

The first of CPSA’s advanced selling courses, Strategic Account Management, is a two day in-class program designed to help sales pros maximize their revenue potential with a more strategic approach to account and territory management. Participants learn what it takes to be successful as a Key Account Representative by gaining clear expectations of the multiple roles you must play. Hands-on activities give experienced pros the opportunity to build a winning territory plan through the analysis of their real-life accounts.

Effective Negotiating Strategies

This highly effective because it gives reps the opportunity to master the negotiation process and close more deals at higher profit margins. Participants in Effective Negotiating Strategies discover how to take a consultative, win-win approach in negotiations to secure long-lasting partnerships with our structured 8-step process.

Sales Management Programs

Professional Sales Management

The first of CPSA’s courses for sales managers, Professional Sales Management enables participants to become more effective strategists, business managers, and talent developers. You’ll create tailored go-to-market sales strategies for each of your customer segments and define a successful sales process for your team that helps them become successful every step of the way. Professional Sales Management is offered both in-class and online.

Sales Coaching for Success

CPSA’s second program for sales leaders gives them the tools needed to coach their team effectively and unlock the potential for growth. Participants gain a wide range of strategies that enable them to encourage and drive individual learning, development, and change. After this program, sales leaders will be able to confidently and effectively conduct structured coaching conversations that result in collaborative go-forward commitments and lead into new coaching cycles.

Learn more and register now for any of CPSA’s upcoming sales courses or check out our training partnerships and new student program which opens this year.

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