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Aug 25, 2014 | The Canadian Professional Sales Association lock

Currently, the business travel community is filled with mobile applications that can make the world of difference while on the road, allowing companies to streamline their travel experience with the click of a button. Many travel businesses like airlines, hotels, car rental companies and even taxi businesses, offer mobile apps that improve access to their services while on the go. Making point to point booking as seamless as possible has become a large part of what makes modern business travel easier than ever.

Use these apps to help turn your phone into the most diverse and hassle free travel companion you could ever need!

Here On Biz is an app for business professionals, bringing together all of your professional contacts into one app. Quickly see which of your contacts are around you, keep tabs your colleagues as they travel about, and get introduced to new professionals of interest in your vicinity.

The Around Me application allows users to find nearby points of interests such as restaurants, hotels, theatres, parking and hospitals. It’s a good solution for finding client entertainment options in unfamiliar places.

FlightTrack Pro provides updated flights times, terminal and gate numbers as well as terminal maps. Additionally, it forecasts delays based on historical data and it taps into SeatGuru’s seat charts to show you leg room and amenities.

Enter your flight number and consult one of Seat Guru’s nearly 800 cabin layout charts, which offer details on legroom, seat-back amenities, recline ability, and proximity to bathrooms.

Mile Blaster is a mileage tracker that lets you keep tabs on your points from most major domestic and international airlines, as well as car-rental agencies and hotel programs.

Road Ahead Highway Exit Finder allows you to find the best highway exit depending on your travel needs.

Want to learn more about travel technology? Download the CPSA’s FREE Travel Tech Trends Guide, so you can surpass your sales goals and take business travel to the next level!

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