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Clear and tangible goals allow your sales people to aim for excellence and measure their progress along the way. However that doesn’t mean that goals have to be just about hitting numbers. Managers often only consider assessing goals that directly relate to revenue, but what about the ones that benefit your revenue in the long run?

There are several goals that are worth assessing depending on your business goals. You should aim to set goals around productivity, revenue generation, as well as personal and professional development. Really get to understand your sales people, and what is holding them back from becoming top performers. Set goals around identified areas for improvement in order to support them in becoming better.

Keep in mind that simply setting and monitoring goals is not enough to produce development in your team. You must provide guidance and support in helping them achieve these goals, as well as praise for their determination and perseverance. At the end of the day, monitoring all of these areas will enable to you manage and retain a strong and cohesive sales team that consists of intensely self-aware professionals who will provide you with the best results.

Examples of questions to ask around various goals:

- How many new leads did you generate this week?
- How many follow-up calls did you make this week?
- How many quickly were you able to move through the sales cycle on average for the sales you made this week?
- How many large accounts vs. one-offs did you engage this week?

Revenue generation:
- How many conversions did you see this week?
- Total dollar value for sales made this week?
- New dollar amount for sales in pipeline this week?

Personal Development:
- What new personal habits did you develop/reduce this week to increase productivity?
- What coping methods did you employ this week to deal with all the Nos you’ve encountered
- How have you worked on developing a more positive attitude?

Professional Development:
- Which webinars have you attended this month
- What new industry/product knowledge/insights have you gained recently
- Which sales training courses are you planning on taking

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