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Do you know what your company’s brand stands for?  

As a sales professional, you may not consider your company’s brand too much. Branding, that’s marketing’s job, right?

Wrong! Branding is highly important to sales success. Whether you consider it or not, your brand is having an impact on how you sell and how your product is received by customers. Your company’s brand is more than just a logo or a name. It’s what that logo or name represents in terms of your company’s values AND your product’s value. It’s what sets you apart from your competitors. A strong, trusted brand coupled with an on-brand sales pitch can do wonders for your presentation.

What does my brand stand for?

As a sales person you should know two things like the back of your hand:

  1. What are the values and product selling points your business is consistently trying to promote to your customers and prospects?

  2. How well is your brand recognised and understood by your target customers?

Values and Product Selling Points

The first point is important. Your brand should represent what you want your company to be known for - what sets you apart from your competitors. If you’re selling accounting software, for example, you might want your brand to be synonymous with simplicity, accuracy and value.  While it’s marketing’s job to promote the brand widely, as a front line sales person, it’s you that needs to be driving this point home.

Consistency is important. If you don’t promote the same brand values in your presentations and meetings, it’s not only a missed opportunity, it can damage trust in your business and appear inauthentic.

Customer Recognition

Before you interact with customers, you need have an understanding of how well your brand is known and understood. This is especially true if your company’s brand has received bad press (so you know you’ll have to do some damage control) or if you have recently gone through a rebrand (and you need to bring customers up to speed). If your brand is unknown and untested, consistency in your sales pitch and product delivery is important too. Building a strong, trustworthy brand will lead to referrals and new business, cutting down the legwork you need to put in.

Tips for Promoting Your Company’s Brand

  1. Use on-brand marketing images and materials in your presentations. For example, logo, colour palate and imagery that appears in your digital and print materials.

  2. Subtly pepper your pitch with on-brand keywords and their synonyms. Returning to our above accounting software example - simplicity, accuracy and value - you could use these words and their variations as slide titles or as highlighted text.

  3. Keep it consistent. As a sales pro, you already know that it’s rule number one to tailor your presentation to your prospect. But meeting customer needs doesn’t mean false promises. If your brand is focussed on providing an easy-to-use product, it’s a bad idea to start exaggerating its technical capabilities just to clinch a sale. Not only will you end up with an unhappy customer, you’ll have damaged trust in your brand.

  4. Evoke an emotional response. Remember, your brand is more than just your product. YOU are a brand ambassador. Your behaviour and the anecdotes you tell should embody your brand and appeal to your customer’s emotions. If your brand is all about accuracy, you need to make your customers feel that you are just as accurate and precise as your product to win over their emotional response. Your personal brand should be aligned with your company’s.

Create and share engaging on-brand content through your social selling channels to grow and hone your brand to a wider audience.
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