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Sales Leadership
What Sales Assessments Can Tell You
Jun 10, 2010 | Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA) lock

Assessment tools can help you learn more about a candidate’s potential success in sales
and company fit. There are many commercial and specialized tools available that are
designed to measure sales abilities, mental abilities, personality, critical thinking,
resourcefulness, motivational values and much more.

So what test is right for you and your sales force? An effective assessment test is one that
helps you determine whether the key attributes and motivations (e.g. ego-drive, optimism
and ego-strength) of the candidate match the requirements you’ve outlined in the job
profile. There is the added benefit that testing will also reveal any fatal flaws that might
prevent the candidate from being an effective employee. A valid test instrument can
provide answers to questions such as:

  • Can the candidate listen effectively and does he/she have the ability to analyze
    more complex verbal information?
  • How assertive is the candidate and is their assertiveness level high enough to ask
    for the sale?
  • Can the candidate take rejection?
  • Can the candidate utilize numerical data in decision-making and day-to-day tasks
    plus perform more complex calculations when required?
  • Does the candidate pay attention to detail and can he/she cope with it?
  • Does the candidate have the developmental potential to grow with the position, or
    can he/she only be expected to handle the job’s responsibilities at this time?
  • Is the candidate competitive in nature or does he/she require outside motivation,
    like the inspiration of a sales manager, to get him or her going?
  • Is the candidate’s motivated by the opportunity to present his/her ideas to others?Does the candidate have a service motivation?
  • Can the candidate maintain consistent pace, organize his/her workflow and
    follow-up on the activities of others?
  • Is the candidate responsive to time constraints? Is he/she willing to make
    sacrifices of their personal time to succeed?
  • Does the candidate possess a sufficient level of innovative ability or creativity?

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