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Sales Leadership
Jan 3, 2018 | Canadian Professional Sales Association lock

You’re probably very familiar with the often-quoted stat that it costs, on average, seven times more to secure a new customer than it does to sell to an existing one. That’s why follow-up sales skills are critical to long term sales success. If you want to make quota and get great results, it’s in your best interest to keep customers happy. To do so, you’ll need exceptional follow-up sales skills. Here we’ll take a look at the follow-up sales skills you need to hone and the best training to choose to improve.

Tailoring and Structuring Account Plans

Every customer has different wants, needs and preferences. If you want to increase client retention, you need to adapt your follow-up plan based on each account’s specific needs.That’s why it’s important to know the best strategies for personalisation and how to tailor and structure your different account plans effectively. To improve these skills, as well as other important ones such as developing strong relationships and converting prospects, choose the CPSA’s Professional Selling Training Program.

Becoming a Strategic Partner

When you call a customer to follow-up, how do you want them react when your name flashes on their caller ID? Do you want them to groan, “Oh it’s salesy Simon again, trying to get me to part with more cash. Let it go to voicemail”? Of course not! You want them to be excited to pick up the phone and hear the valuable insights and updates you have to share. Learn how to develop into an indispensable partner to your clients with the CPSA’s Strategic Account Management Training Program.

Navigating Conflicts and Issues

A big part of successful sales follow-up is “checking in” to ensure that everything's running smoothly. But what if it isn’t? Time to throw in the towel? Of course not! Here’s where problem solving and conflict resolution skills are invaluable. Make sure your follow-up communications always end with happy customers and clients by taking the CPSA’s Communicating to Influence Buying Decisions Program. Along with learning how to navigate conflicts and issues smoothly, you’ll also discover how to adapt your communication style to each customer.

Excellent follow-up sales skills are essential for long-term sales success. You’ve put so much effort into securing that deal, make sure you are equipped with the follow-up skills you need to secure those customers for the long-term.

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