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What value do you have?
Feb 3, 2010 | Martin Buckland lock

We all have personal values. Have you ever thought about your career value?

What can you bring ABC Company? What makes you stand above the competition? Today, branding, or selling your value-add is a crucial element in your job search success.

This is not a time to make yourself bland or plain. You can purchase a template from the Internet very cheaply, or you can download the templates which come with MS Word.

Do you want to look like so many others? No!

Consider yourself unique. You need a unique document to portray these feelings to adequately state your distinguishing value from the next person in the résumé pile.

You need to tempt the reader by portraying yourself as a consistent performer, a winner, dynamic leader and ethical professional. A résumé is a strategic statement about yourself, a differentiator, clearly outlining what soft/hard skills you can provide plus a detailed snapshot of your accomplishments.

Résumés downloaded from the Internet won’t be beneficial to you. How much creativity do you show a future employer with an MS Word template? This style has gained the reputation as the “Bill Gates” résumé with many HR professionals. Certainly not the impression you want to create.

You need to portray a clear and succinct message with an enticing format. Don’t be shy to step out of your comfort zone, using lines liberally to emphasize certain sections. The text under Employment Experience must be accomplishment-based and must address the employer’s buying motivators. If the company is seeking an executive with experience in change management or business re-engineering, provide some tangible real-life examples. Show the value you can bring.

Sell your experience. Everyone has a multitude of talent as exemplified in accomplishments. Always speak in the third person creating an impressionable tone and positive impact. Utilize powerful action verbs at the start of each bullet and try not to repeat verbs. Finally, prioritize your accomplishments according to importance.

Once completed a design and text content unique to you will outperform your job search competitors!

About the Author:

Martin Buckland is a Professional Career Management Expert based in Oakville, Ontario. President of Elite Résumés, he is certified in résumé writing, career coaching, job search strategies, personal branding and interview coaching. He has extensive knowledge of the best strategies to secure a job most effectively and is well networked with recruiters and human resource professionals across Canada.

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