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Where can I find a lawyer who specializes in contract law?
Jun 2, 2014 | The Canadian Professional Sales Association lock

The Canadian Law List is a free online directory of law firms, lawyers, judges, government departments and related legal services. You can search for a lawyer by area of specialization (e.g. bankruptcy, employment or contract), name, city and keyword.


In addition each province and territory offers a lawyer referral service where members of the public can call to obtain the name of a lawyer in their area. Many of these services can be accessed for free. It also includes law firm profiles, world-wide affiliations, personal biographical information and a detailed listing of government departments, plus related services to the legal profession.



Province                                       Referral Service

Alberta                                          Law Society of Alberta

British Columbia                            Law Society of British Columbia

Manitoba                                       Community Legal Education Association of Manitoba

New Brunswick                              Law Society of New Brunswick

Newfoundland/Labrador                Public Legal Education Association of Newfoundland

Northwest Territories/Nunavut       Law Society of the Northwest Territories

Nova Scotia                                   Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia

Ontario                                          Law Society of Upper Canada

Prince Edward Island                    Community Legal Education Association

Quebec                                         Barreau de Quebec (available in French only)

Saskatchewan                               CanLaw Canada lawyer referral service
                                                     Only online service available

Yukon Territory                             Law Society of Yukon

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