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Sales Strategy
Mar 10, 2017 | Canadian Professional Sales Association lock

Many business owners believe that inbound marketing would be too tough to sell to their sales people. They believe that their reps wouldn’t handle the drastic change well, that they wouldn’t want to change their ways. As a result, many refuse to get on board with inbound, and their organizations suffer because of it. The fact is a lot of sales people are interested in inbound marketing, and for good reason. Once they understand what it’s all about, they’re eager and willing to adapt. That’s because they know how their careers will change for the better once inbound is implemented. Here are some of the top reasons why sales people are interested in inbound.


They Could Stop Cold Calling

Have you ever hired a sales professional who loved cold calling? Probably not. For the vast majority of sales people, cold calling is the worst part of the job. They don’t like bothering potential buyers and interrupting their day. And they know how difficult it is to meet their sales targets when the only sales strategy they can use is cold calling.

They know that if you were to implement inbound marketing, they wouldn’t have to cold call anymore. That’s because marketing would then have a sales pipeline filled with leads for them to follow up with.


They Could Stop Prospecting and Chasing Leads

In organizations that have stopped cold calling, sales people are usually in charge of prospecting and chasing down leads. It’s up to them to find their own prospects to sell to. Though prospecting is more effective than cold calling, it still takes sales people away from the work that they should actually be doing—selling. There simply isn’t enough time in the day to dedicate efforts to prospecting and selling. They’ll fall behind on one or the other.

But with inbound marketing, they wouldn’t have to prospect anymore because leads would be attracted to your brand due to your inbound activities, like SEO, blogging, and social media marketing.


They Know Their Leads Will Be Qualified and Nurtured

Sales people are sick and tired of spending time and effort on leads who will never buy. Not only is this a waste of their time and makes it more difficult for them to meet their sales targets, but it’s also a waste of your organization’s resources.

If you were to implement inbound marketing, however, all of this would change. Leads could properly be qualified based on web analytics and data. You could qualify leads, for example, based on how many times they visit your website, which forms they fill out, and which content they consume. What’s more, the leads that aren’t quite ready to buy yet will be nurtured by your marketers, so they can move down the sales funnel. This will help your reps dedicate their efforts to the right type of leads—the ones who are ready and able to buy.


They Know They’ll Be Able to Enjoy a Shorter Sales Cycle

Dealing with a long sales cycle means that your reps have to dedicate more time and effort to close deals. A shorter sales cycle then, means they’ll be able to close more deals in less time. This will help them meet—or even exceed—their sales targets time and time again.

With inbound marketing, leads will be nurtured by marketers who will send them personalized emails that match their interests and the stages of the buyer’s cycle that they’re currently in. This means that the leads will be more knowledgeable and informed, so they’ll be able to make their purchasing decisions more quickly.

There’s no doubt that inbound marketing benefits your sales people—and reps are starting to realize just how advantageous inbound would be to their careers.

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