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Getting your sales team up to the right level, where sales calls are as efficient and effective as possible, can be a difficult process. It often involves going through many different, and costly, strategies before finding one that works for your team and produces results. Some sales companies never reach that goal, and are always aware of an ability to perform better, without the knowledge of how to get there. Professional sales training can be an invaluable investment in getting your team where they need to be —performing at their best each and every day.

Better Skill Set  

Some people think that working in sales doesn’t require much of a skill set; they believe it’s as easy as making calls and moving product. But for anyone who’s actually worked in sales, we know that this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Being a successful sales person requires a great deal of skill, and these skills can’t be casually picked up. To foster a great sales team, you need to invest in training. Training equips sales people will specific techniques, communication skills, and problem solving abilities that will help them better their craft and improve their sales records.


More Confidence

As a result of sales training, employees report higher confidence levels in their ability to do their work—confidence that is reflected in their work ethic, drive, and overall success at their job. Confidence is intricately connected to the skill set provided through sales training; if you’re continually making unsuccessful sales calls, you’re more likely to become disinterested in your work. Training gives sales people the confidence in their abilities that they need to go out and get results. 

Increase in Sales
Professional training in sales corresponds to higher sales figures for a company; the improved skill set and the bolstered confidence translate into more efficient and effective sales calls. While undertaking professional sales training is an investment, it’s an investment that will pay off in the long run. After investing in training, 95 percent of companies report an increase in sales, and 99 percent go on to recommend professional sales training to others.

Better Staff Retention
Sales is one of the more predominant fields for high rates of turnover, with many sales people leaving their sales position within a short time frame for a different position or a different company. The high turnover rate is a huge inconvenience; the energy and resources that go into finding new sales people and making sure they are onboarded correctly can be incredibly time consuming. Turnover is largely related to a lack of confidence in a sales person’s own abilities. Sales training is one of the more effective ways of stemming high turnover; it gives sales people confidence in their abilities and corresponds to increasing successes that serve as a source of motivation.

Decrease in Costs
A high turnover rate is also highly expensive; hiring is a very expensive process, as is the necessary onboarding that accompanies it. Lower turnover rates help to drive down excessive costs for a company, but turnover isn’t the only way that sales training can save you money. For employees who haven’t gone through training, inefficiency can lead to longer hours, more staff, and additional support systems that are both unnecessary and costly. When sales people undergo sales training, they are able to work much more efficiently, thereby decreasing some of these extraneous costs. The decrease in costs, combined with the increase in sales, makes professional training an incredibly worthy investment for any company that is serious about taking their sales team to the next level. 

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