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Aug 21, 2017 | Canadian Professional Sales Association, Recruitment & Talent Series

In this CPSA Recruitment and Talent podcast, we’ll talk about “the right comp formulas” and how to conduct a sales compensation audit.

Conducting a sales compensation audit helps determine any deficiencies in how your roles are structured, process problems and data issues that must be resolved to optimize sales performance. The audit report provides a “blueprint” for short and longer-term improvement. Understanding how your overall sales compensation program aligns with your business goals and how sales, marketing and service strategies will help achieve those goals is critical in today’s highly competitive local and global economies. Audits also help you identify possible risks if the existing plans are left in place without change or the opportunity to add/modify performance with tweaks to your existing plan designs.

In this CPSA Recruitment and Talent podcast episode, host Kevin W. Grossman talks with David Johnston about how to conduct a sales compensation audit.

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