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Aug 21, 2017 | Canadian Professional Sales Association, Recruitment & Talent Series

In order to stay competitive and grow the business, sales leaders must not only provide the tools and resources to keep them motivated and selling, but they must also be able to identify and leverage their team's greatest strengths. Inspiring their salespeople to make the most out of his or her skills while helping to grow the business is key. Giving your team some level of autonomy when it comes to managing their daily activities is also important. Sales leaders provide coaching and guidance for their teams so they focus on maximizing their strengths and closing the deals. Accountability is also critical for sales leaders and their teams -- knowing when praise is due and when adjustments need to be made. Salespeople want leadership that embraces transparency in their organization and that leads to clear objectives, continuous learning and career paths. They want to know how they can play a part in building and sustaining a winning culture.

In this CPSA Recruitment and Talent podcast episode, host Kevin W. Grossman talks with Tracy Kapteyn the recommended steps to recognize success in sales.

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