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Canadian Professional Sales Association
Do you know how to listen, I mean really listen, so that you are no longer hearing your own voice in your head but only what your customer is saying? Most of us find this hard to do. As salespeople we are managing a lot, from prospecting to closing deals to managing client expectations. Getting clarity on what our customers are really looking for, not only helps us to better meet the needs of the client but also ensures we are using our time as productively as possible. In order to get that clarity, we need a strong skill set in asking questions and learning how to strategically listen. This webinar will cover the following; - Explore the top questioning techniques, how to learn to use these effectively and develop your top 10 - Understand what level one, two and three levels of listening are and how to become an expert at each - Understand why these skills can help you be more effective as a salesperson or sales leader - Learn how to stay present during sales calls and block out other competing thoughts.
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