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Canadian Professional Sales Association
Do you have the right solution for your client, but don’t know how to move them along your sales funnel? Professionals that can steer conversations through structured steps know how to shorten their sales cycle and drive success to their business. This session covers each of the 8-steps providing you with quick key takeaways to bring success back to your business. 1. Greeting & Build Rapport, 2. Establish Context, 3. Gain Agreement to Participate, 4. Consultative Investigation, 5. Summarize & Prioritize, 6. Explore Solutions, 7. Quantify Benefits & ROI Impact, and 8. Secure Go-Forward Commitment. Watch this virtual training session and learn what is really involved in becoming a consultative salesperson. Date: February 6, 2020 Host: Cindy Stradling, Sales Agent, Facilitator and Coach Language: English
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