Tools for Educators

Update and enhance existing sales curriculum with NEW learning modules.

CPSA Sales Bites are a collection of 4 NEW learning modules designed to supplement gaps in existing online and

in-class sales programs. Based on surveyed skills gaps identified through in-depth consultation, each Sales Bite

aligns with the CPSA Competency Framework to prepare learners to enter the pathway to CPSA professional sales

designations. Sales Bites are free to use for publicly funded education programs and available for use in private programs for a fee.

What subjects do sales bites cover?

  • Build Financial Skills and Business Acumen
  • Drive Sales using Social Media
  • Refine Digital Presentation Skills
  • Relationship Mapping in Enterprise Sales

What other Sales Bites are currently under development?

  • Use Technology to Enable Sales
  • Orchestrate Deals in a Team Environment
  • Generate Client Solutions with Business Case Analysis
  • Relationship Mapping in Enterprise Sales

What’s included in addition to facilitator & trainer guides?

  • Presentation materials to support lectures and seminars
  • Subject related activities with engaging in-class and online exercises (roleplay, analysis, etc.)
  • Case Study promoting the application of skills learned within each module and independent learning
  • Final Assessment to test comprehension of course material and learning outcomes (10 multiple choice questions)



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