Sales Compensation Reports


38% of Canadian employers maintain a salary structure specific to sales professionals. 

Sales compensation is complex. How do you know your organization’s pay is competitive? Are you being compensated fairly?

Produced in partnership with Mercer Canada and presented by Brokerlink Insurance, the CPSA Sales Compensation Planning Guide for Sales Management and Sales Compensation Report for Sales Professionals include 25 job titles in sales. Gathered from over 670 surveyed Canadian organizations,  the reports offer the exclusive insight you need to make informed decisions. 

Sales Leaders


30% of salary increases are provided in January. 
Are you ready with a competitive compensation plan for your team? 

If you lead a sales team, are involved in hiring, or if you’re responsible for designing compensation plans, the CPSA Sales Compensation Planning Guide for Sales Management is your go-to resource.

Is your team ready for a raise?
Get nationwide, regional and industry specific data on salary increases.

Could your compensation plan be under-delivering? 
Get salary and variable pay benchmarks for 25 sales roles in Canada.

Overcome recruitment & retention challenges and forecast for the future with insight on hiring, promotion and salary planning. 

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Sales Professionals


By the end of 2018, an estimated 8.4% of Canadian sales professionals will be promoted and awarded an average 7.7% promotional increase in salary.

Do you know the benchmarks for your salary? Are you confident negotiating the salary you deserve? 

The CPSA Sales Compensation Report for Sales Professionals includes proprietary information you need to make informed decisions in your career. 

Learn how your compensation compares to national averages. 

Understand your earning potential for future roles across industries and regions.

Discover what it takes to advance your career
with a detailed overview of sales specific positions including role descriptions, compensation, and responsibilities. 
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