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CPSA: Your Partner in Sales Success

CPSA helps organizations of all sizes recruit, retain, and develop top-performing sales professionals. We empower your sales team — and your entire organization – with customized solutions that grow your bottom line.

Strengthen Your Sales Team


Accelerate Sales

Leverage the latest innovations and insights to help your sales team achieve more, more consistently. 24/7 on-demand tools and resources make it simple.


Develop and Retain

Equip your team to aim higher and achieve more with up-to-the-minute training that sets the bar for the industry, and educational events that keep top performers inspired and engaged.


Recruit the Right People

Hire right, right from the start. Recruit salespeople you know have the knowledge and skills to deliver exceptional results. CPSA's professional designations are the mark of excellence, from entry to leadership.

Canadian Professional Sales Association

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